If you’re not already aware, I am currently working on integrating the world of Fight or Flight into the world of Dungeons & Dragons!

Not only have I been working on creating a story, but I’ve also:

  • Made an entire race with several breeds to represent the different types of bird within Fight or Flight, also known as “avian”.
  • Begun work on an entire campaign setting, detailing cities, town and scenery within the world of Aerikar, the home of the avian. This includes suggested quest ideas, and alternate descriptions for locations based on era.
  • Created magical items, characters and enemies!
The world of Aerikar!

I’m currently also writing and running a campaign, set after any events within the Fight or Flight books.

The campaign takes place in the land of Aerikar, once a kingdom of war, but now led by Great King Velor and his royal council.

But a kingslayer has struck the king down within his own castle, and now it is up to the heroes to rally the forces of the council, and take back the capital, finding a new monarch along the way…

Avian Race Guide: Available here.