If you’re not already aware, for the past few months I’ve been working on integrating the world of Fight or Flight into the world of Dungeons & Dragons!

Not only have I been working on creating a story, but I’ve also:

  • Made an entire race with several breeds to represent the different types of bird within Fight or Flight, also known as “avian”.
  • Begun work on an entire campaign setting, detailing cities, town and scenery within the world of Aerikar, the home of the avian. This includes suggested quest ideas, and alternate descriptions for locations based on era.
  • Created magical items, characters and enemies!

I’m currently part way into writing and running a campaign, set after any events within the Fight or Flight books, and decided to release the current Race Guide so you can play as an avian at home, too!

The goal of this project is to eventually create a Kickstarter campaign to fully publish and release the campaign, and eventually the campaign setting too!

If you’re interested in running this campaign as a DM, then let me know! I’m looking for others able to test the campaign and get feedback!

For  more updates on the project, you can check the Fight or Flight: D&D page, where I will post all the links to resources and information!