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Gumbo Issue 2! Now Updating!

Gumbo, my ongoing comic series is updating once again, at least one page a week! I’m also currently in the process of submitting Gumbo to some publishers to…

Fight or Flight Patterns

I’m planning to work on some new and cute stock for future conventions, including patterns for notebooks and sticker sheets, and one thing I’ve started on is some…

Gumbo’s Return

Gumbo is coming back! This Saturday (23rd February) I’ll be posting two, BRAND NEW pages of Gumbo, over on Tapas! You can get there via: In…

Fight or Flight Logo Variations

Variations of the Fight or Flight logo, following a rebrand into a more D&D style.

Stranded in Sound

A comic I did a long time ago for a compilation by Sammy Borras.

Fight or Flight Tarot Designs

Welcome to my new site!

I’m hoping to continue with my ongoing comic, Gumbo very soon!